Netherlands servers

Do you know that peak traffic generation by our customers is more than 250Gbps.

Currently we are successfully working with two data-centers in Netherlands, EvoSwitch and Switch, offering the full range of services in this wonderful country.

Netherlands are trully one of the best locations in the world as they can provide:

  • perfect connectivity (there are connections to all major traffic exchange points, direct connection to MSK-IX, good peering with UA-IX);
  • loyal laws and protection from meaningless laws of some other countries;
  • legal hosting for adult websites;
  • reliable premium-grade data-centers with low server prices.

Becides that:

  • reliable equipment;
  • prompt hardware or entire server replacement;
  • prompt response for critical situations in case of server unavailability;
  • fully unmetered and guaranteed channel (from 100 Mbps) without any speed limitations after 10TB usage and hidden fees;
  • servers are placed in server racks and isolated modules;
  • free IPMI with all servers in DC Switch;
  • your data security;
  • multiple redundant uplinks, power etc.

Netherlands have the best connectivity in the world. It is important to mention that data-centers use "green" energy supplied by wind and solar power stations. It means ordering our servers you show you protect and care for nature.

You can choose 100 Mbps uplink here.