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Cloud VPS / VDS

Do you know that peak traffic generation by our customers is more than 250Gbps.

Can a cloud VPS be more reliable than a dedicated server? Of course, it can!

  • Hardware KVM virtualization converts your cloud VPS into a full-fledged dedicated server, expanding its features, improving reliability and efficiency. Windows licenses for cloud VPS are available at discounted prices;
  • In the event of hardware failure, a cloud platform will restart your VPS on another machine without physical human intervention;
  • Your data are safely protected; hardware & software performance is top-level; enterprise physical distributed data storage SAN is deployed using only SSD drives;
  • Access to premium network that features an uptime of 99.9999% and better connectivity with your users all over the world;
  • Hardware firewall Cisco ASA 5500 provides additional security and access for all tariff plans completely FREE OF CHARGE!
* Operational systems Windows Server 2008 R2 Web and Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard can't be installed to octacore VPS.
** Service can be used only for server it was ordered with. Service can't be cancelled separately from server. Overusage is paid on regular tariffs which can be found on service page.

Why we are unique

  • N + 1 redundancy at ESXi host; 2N redundancy at the program level; use of multi-processor platforms (Intel Xeon 2 GHz or higher) from leading manufacturers (IBM, HP, DELL), interconnected via secure multigigabit network, allows eliminating a single failure point and ensure instant failure recovery, high performance and stability;
  • Premium network with no additional charge: your traffic is processed simultaneously by two physically distributed Data Center kernels and is always provided by top-level backbone operators via the most optimal route;
  • Firewall Cisco ASA is available for all VPS without exception;
  • More efficient use of resources and possible installation of almost the entire series of server operating systems;
  • Despite the use of expensive hardware and high-quality solutions, we offer low prices, enabling you to save on software (for VPS Windows licenses are cheaper)!


Strict compliance with OFISP Internet Regulations, as well as the Terms Of Service.